Unreal Engine Psychedelic Post Process Materials

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“Psychedelic Post Process Materials” is collection of post process materias for Unreal Engine 5. At the moment the materials have been tested with UE 5.2 and UE 5.3, and three materials have been developed:

  • droste effect material (called "Infinite Squares" in my collection),
  • drifting post process material.

All materials have a "fade in" parameter that can be animated to create smooth transitions.



Video examples:


Infinite Squares (Droste):

Please notes:

All the materials works deforming the textures coordinate, sampling the scene texture in a non linear way. This causes cache misses (in some materials more than in others) and therefore they are not indicated if you are working on a performance critical application.

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3 Psychedelic Post Process Materials for Unreal Engine 5

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Unreal Engine Psychedelic Post Process Materials

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